Meet Wee C

Wee C, as a shoe

I’m not hip like Uggs and I won’t surprise you like Louboutin red. I’m reliable and straight up, like a classic pump that never goes out of style. I’m genuine. Italian leather, with just enough sparkle to catch your eye.

I’m a newly-minted 30-year-old who has recently completed what was the most significant, fulfilling and life-altering personal challenge of my life: 30 Things before 30.

Some of the things on my list will impress you, others will bore you, and nearly all will cause you to judge me. And I’m OK with that. But regardless of what you think, all you really need to know is why my list was such a big deal to me. I’ve lived a joyful, fulfilled and blessed life, but up until the past year, spent far too much of it being up tight and never breaking the rules. Seriously, I had never ever sworn in front of my parents. Well, I’d said “slut” but I didn’t know it was a swear word, so that certainly didn’t count.

I’ve been working on my career since I was 12. Every single job I’ve had (summer or otherwise) has been intended to get me to the next, higher destination. I’ve been working 60-80 hour weeks since I was 14. Ok, 16. I was an overachieving, driven, disciplined, 20-something that was being a martyr for her work. For every single day of my 20s.

But then as I was approaching 29, I looked back and realized that I had legitimately stopped participating in life. Correction: I had stopped participating in MY life. So, the day I turned 29, I committed to spend the next 365 days rewiring my brain, learning how to stop worrying so damn much, and figuring out how to dig whatever has been up my ass for the past three decades out.

30 Things changed my life. That’s so self-help and Dr. Phil of me, isn’t it? But it’s true. Read the blog. You’ll quickly be a believer, too. Oh, and if you’re new round here, start with this post, it will make the rest of the blog make a hell of a lot more sense. And when you’re ready to start your own 30 Things (or 40, or 50, or 67), let us know. We’ll be expecting you.

PS – the other thing you should know is that I adore all things Italian (hence the Prada). My ode to Italy can be found here: Il mio amore.


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