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#3 and #4: Clubs and Balls

– Contributed by Wee C

As I suspect you’re learning, 30 Things is less about doing the crazy stuff and more about just getting out of my own frickin’ way. Some days I can be like a 15,000 pound elephant standing on the path to my own enlightenment. And sometimes I can just feel 15,000 pounds. Right, moving on.

Take my #3, for example. I played in a golf tournament. Big stinking deal, you say? OK all you Sporty Spices, get off your irrationally-high sneakers with silly pink springs for soles and see this for what it is. I am, at best, a horrific golfer. I may look cute (and I DO look cute), but that’s where my skills end. Playing in a golf tournament amidst some of the most influential business folks in the Atlantic provinces with nothing but my short white skort and Mary Jane golf shoes to help me swing above my weight, made me giggle uncontrollably in discomfort.

The old me? I would have just said no. But the mantra of “saying yes to things I would normally say no to” once again called me to action. So off I went. I drank a beer at 10 am…and another at 11. I picked up some groovy swag (the kind that normally would make me jealous and resentful that I didn’t play in that tournament). And I figured out that the only way you actually have fun in life is to actually do stuff. Huh. I know, right?

So when #4 came along, it was again about getting out of my own way. I’m a bit awkward when it comes to the other gender, never wanting to overstep my boundaries; always wanting to keep my behaviour above board. But, as usual, I take the whole thing a bit too seriously. So, my #4 involved men and lots of ’em. Well, so did the golf tournament, but those men generally kept their clothes on…at least those who didn’t get a hole in one. Seriously, can I get a “ba-dum-ching” for that? Killer stuff.

Thunder From Down Under. That was my #4. Men whose down unders are thunderous. A mighty storm brewing below the belt, if you will. I’ve never really been all that keen about thunder and lightning, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be so keen about this. But to my surprise, that was a storm worth sticking around for. Oh, for the L.O.G., not like that. I’m a respectable woman. But turns out, a handful of girls all out for a night of silliness and harmless fun can be a pretty good time. And that’s really what my # 4 was about. Because let’s face it. There was NO thunder in that show. I (ME!) left feeling totally disappointed by the lack of skin (c’mon, I was there, I might as well have seen it all). Number 4 was, instead, about joining the party. It was about relaxing and not worrying about who might see me there. It was about having an open mind and accepting the outing for what it was. It was about being present when I would normally be at home, asleep on my sofa. And it was about not covering my eyes during the scary parts (although, admittedly, I could have used a bit more thrill).

Jeans with no tops? Where's the down under part?

Jeans with no tops? Where's the down under part?