Our Story

Coming Soon – Our first video clip, introducing you to our smiling faces, the 30 Things project, and our motivation for taking it on!

Until then, this is our story in a nutshell:

Each of us committed to doing 30 things in one year that we have never done and would not normally do. Things that feel different; perhaps uncomfortable, challenging, unnerving or downright nauseating. In essence, 30 Things is about saying YES when you would normally say NO!

The project was born out of Wee C’s wake-up call that 30 years of life was fast approaching with a lot of experiences, feelings and rites of passage not yet lived. After a moment of treadmill-induced clarity, she vowed to do 30 new things before turning 30.

By New Thing number four or five, life and self were already notably different. And so, Wee C’s personal challenge evolved into a tag-team adventure…because who better to share a potentially life-altering journey with than a dear friend and trusted confidante? Big L’s year of 30 Things started about six months later.

Quite simply, 30 Things has changed our lives!


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