30 Things

Big L’s List (end date December 31, 2010):

  1. Help raise $1 million for charity.
  2. Do absolutely nothing except work while maintaining a grasp on sanity.
  3. Quit my job.
  4. Register a business.
  5. Go on a down south trip with Hunny.
  6. Go on a trip (see #5) without even $1.00 set aside to do so.
  7. Launch a business (then Incorporate it).
  8. Send former boss a thank you note & gift (and in doing so, let go of the many challenges of our relationship).
  9. Be a Farmer’s Market shopper.
  10. Learn to bake a pie with Wee C’s lovely, wholesome mom.
  11. Networking (lots of it).
  12. Go see a fortune teller.
  13. Sing karaoke.
  14. Treego in Moncton.
  15. Go out on a limb, figuratively this time, but repeatedly.
  16. End my affair with sugar (by going without it for 30 days straight).
  17. Discovering yoga…and my people!
  18. Reconnect with an old friend (two, actually!).
  19. Fundraise in a big way.
  20. Talk about my feelings & solidify my relationship.
  21. Practice location independent living.
  22. Purge in a big way – literally & figuratively.
  23. Forgive everybody & let go of grudges from the past.
  24. Accept somebody I put off accepting for too long.
  25. Shop for engagement rings Get engaged.
  26. Ask for help (hire temporary support; take entrepreneur workshop).
  27. Redevelop habits for putting my health first.
  28. Replace “then” with “now”.
  29. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
  30. Visit my Uncle Larry’s grave (after four years of avoiding it).

Wee C’s List (end date June 22, 2010):

  1. Party all night at a Hindu wedding.
  2. Play blackjack at the casino (and win!).
  3. Play in a golf tournament.
  4. Go to a Thunder From Down Under show.
  5. Lay someone off.
  6. Participate in a road rally scavenger hunt.
  7. Go to a strip club.
  8. Play a murder mystery game.
  9. Go away for a weekend with the girls.
  10. Be inside a bee hive (and maintain composure).
  11. Do a tequila shooter.
  12. Take Italian language lessons.
  13. Take sailing lessons.
  14. Fundraise and then exercise for six hours (at Bust a Move).
  15. Attend first family reunion.
  16. Win an international award (IABC Gold Quill).
  17. Negotiate the deal for a new car (entirely on my own!)
  18. Customize the build of my brand new house.
  19. Do a 7-day detox cleanse.
  20. Write a blog post!
  21. Learn to bake a pie with my mom.
  22. Meditate at the Shambhala Centre. Alone.
  23. Go see a fortune teller.
  24. Exercise so hard that I cry.
  25. Sing karaoke.
  26. Go 30 days without eating cheese or bread.
  27. Treego in Moncton.
  28. Go 24 hours without saying “sorry” (in any context!).
  29. Still can’t tell you this one…
  30. A boudoir photo shoot on my 30th Birthday.

Plus one 30 Thing that never was…


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