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The Comeback Kid

Oh hey there. So nice to see you again! Indeed, it’s been awhile. Going on nine months, in fact. Almost enough time for me to have conceived and birthed a child. Wouldn’t that be a fun little way to return to Comfortably Uncomfortable?! I hate to disappoint, but nothing quite that exciting to report, I’m afraid.

I promised I would be back, and if you know me, you know I’m not very good at breaking promises. So here I am. And it feels a great deal like coming home; as if I’ve been welcomed at the back door of my family home with biscuits, jam, a big slab of cheese and a warm hug. My blogging ritual and all of you have been sincerely missed. I mean where else can I tell embarrassing stories about myself, pour my heart out, and expose my most ridiculous thoughts? You’re welcome.

To no one’s surprise, the past nine months have been filled with enough self-reflection to make the Buddha proud (you know, if pride was a sentiment the Buddha embraced), lots of life lessons (which is sufficient evidence that all I really need to know I did not learn in kindergarten) and a handful of shenanigans that predictably ended with “what was I thinking?”

Perhaps most notably, I’ve welcomed, been welcomed and continue to be welcomed into the lives of more incredible people than one person should ever be blessed enough to have surround them. And for someone whose lifeblood is human relationships, this makes for a pretty profound and awe-inspiring existence.

But I won’t lie (because I’m not very good at that, either), I’ve really struggled with coming back to this blog. My life has changed dramatically, and therefore, so too has Comfortably Uncomfortable’s purpose. Which is precisely what I’ve been wrestling with – what the heck will I write about? I grew weary of writing about all the lessons in life I’ve learned. I have no doubt you were all feeling it was a bit self-righteous, too. Thirty Things played a critical role at one point, led me precisely to this place, and gave me a bounty of content to keep you all entertained. But its home is also firmly located in the past.

So, as I do, I’ve been waiting for the world to show me what’s next. I’ve started and re-started countless “comeback posts”, none of which felt quite right, the timing always just a bit out of sync. But recently, I could feel it brewing. I could feel the creative juices reactivated, quietly building a simmer and then a boil beneath the surface. This weekend it erupted. The stars have apparently aligned and a sense of clarity around what’s next in my creative playground emerged.

It was brought to me as all great wisdom in life is – through I stumbled across this video and I realized what was next. For so long I’ve been writing about my life as an interpretation, working to make sense of it, deciphering what I’ve learned, where I stumbled and what the heck it all meant. I gotta tell you, that’s bloody exhausting and I’m kind of over it. Don’t be fooled. My necessity to interpret and analyze life will be a lifelong affliction…and the reason I’m likely destined to come back as a bird in my next life (small brains, limited capacity to think…you get it). And we all know how much I love birds.

If you don’t watch the video (and you should; it’s beautiful), all you need to know is that this woman is a storyteller. Her job is not to interpret, but to simply tell the story as she sees it. She accepts that the story may evolve, that she may see it differently a decade down the road, and that it may not always be the same story. It’s a mechanism to capture a perspective and an experience, using words as opposed to visuals. The interpretation is left to the reader. This approach is my inspiration for what’s next.

You see: I love people and their stories. All of you, from the randoms who sit next to me at the bar to the friends I’ve had since elementary school, are my greatest source of joy and inspiration. I adore the stories that we create together and, equally, those that we create apart. Storytelling is an art that moves me and so, it only seems logical that it’s one I should engage in as my creative outlet.

That’s the next iteration of this blog: a home for stories and creative writing. The stories will be truthful; they’ll be ones from long ago in the past and not-so-long-ago. Many of you may find yourself in my stories – not to worry, making you uncomfortable is actually far more uncomfortable to me than it is to you, so I will always walk this line carefully. Some will be funny, others will be sad. Regardless, I strongly believe that this is what’s next in the evolution of me as a writer.

Some time in the coming weeks I’ll write my first story. When I do, I sure hope you’ll grab a cup of tea and spend 15 minutes hanging out with me. I’ll see what kind of yarn I can spin for you.