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Your Living Space as a Reflection of Yourself

Today, we have a special treat! We’re thrilled to welcome Doniree as a guest blogger! YAY! Her post today is especially timely now that the seasons are changing and we’re heading into those few months when, let’s face it, most of us will be spending more time indoors and at home. But, as Doni points out, if your space feels like you, this doesn’t have be a bad thing. If you like the ideas she has to share, please show Doni some love by leaving a comment.

What if your living space was a living reflection of – or better yet, extension of – exactly who you are and what your values are? What if you felt supported by your home? What if you walked into a welcoming oasis of clean, clutter-free, and comforting every time you walked in your door? I know what a wonderful feeling it is to feel as though your home is a seamless extension of your personality and dreams, and have compiled a few simple steps to get you started.

Set priorities and de-clutter accordingly

Sure, a clean and clutter-free home help reduce stress, but what if we took it one step further. Let’s not just de-clutter, but what if we’re intentional and clear about the things we do keep?

One of the best ways to set clear intentions and goals for yourself is to first identify your values, and then filter everything you’re doing with your life through that filter. Is this job in line with my values? This relationship? Am I spending my time in a way that clearly expresses what my values are and how important they are to me?

On the same token, and perhaps just as powerfully, we can run our possessions through that same filter. Does this thing/item/collectible serve me and what I’m working towards? Is this just taking up space or is it moving me forward?

Applying the same value-filter to your things as you do your thoughts and actions can be a really powerful way of telling the Universe exactly what you want, what you don’t, and what you value.

Create a vision board

… or better yet – turn your space into a living, breathing vision board.

On that note of “putting it out there,” creating a vision board is an excellent way to keep front, center, and visible the things you want out of life. One step further, you can decorate your apartment in a way that supports these visions and values. If your life list includes a trip to Greece, what about using Greek imagery and photography as artwork in your place? If growth and vivid life are your values, keep bright and colorful plants or flowers in your space to serve as a reminder of things that grow and bloom.

Keep it clean

I believe that blank spaces (shelves, cupboards, table tops, etc.) leave room for new things, new ideas, and new opportunities in our lives.

Once your space is clean and filled with things that bring you joy and support your goals, keep it that way! It’s so easy to accumulate new stuff (we do it all the time!), so as you bring in new items to your space, ask yourself if it’s supportive of your style and your goals. Where does it fit? Will it have a home? Will it add to or take away from your style and decor as you have it?

How we keep our living spaces is so important, whether you spend a lot of time at home or just a little. We all need a place we can unplug, unwind, and relax – and a clutter-free, intentionally decorated apartment makes that so much more pleasant.

Doniree Walker is a freelance writer/blogger based in Portland, Oregon. She spends her free time frequentingPortland’s farmers’ markets, training for her first 5K, and daydreaming about the places she plans to travel. She blogs at and, and you can follow her on Twitter @doniree. Her clients include UMoveFree, a service helping renters find Galleria Houston, TX apartments.

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Spreading wings and creating new things!

– Contributed by Big L

Guess what? In yet another unexpected twist here at Comfortably Uncomfortable, I have some news, too.

As you already know, Wee C and I have come a long way since our very first post over a year ago – both individually and together. Our 30 Things journeys have ended and our lives have continued to shift in dramatic ways ever since.

We’re gaining momentum, having epic moments of realization, and can feel the rudders of our ships churning beneath us, sending us in new directions.

(See? Where that nautical reference came from when I know nothing about boats is a mystery in itself!)

Yes, life is most certainly full of surprises and unpredictability – both good, bad and indifferent. And while Wee C’s life and its changes over the last two years have looked dramatically different from mine, our ability to thrive and survive through comfortably uncomfortable moments and circumstances looks an awful lot the same.

Now, as we often do, we’re taking that shared experience and mutual growth, and making it work for us in completely different ways.

For Wee C, that looks like taking a break and living a little more privately for a while. I’m confident it’s the right thing for her to do right now.

For me, that looks like spreading my wings and creating a brand new nook on the Internet that I can call my own. Considering how much I’ve been enjoying the process so far – and I’ve only just started – I’d say it’s the right thing for me to do right now.

I recently signed up for an amazing e-course that’s teaching me how to build a website all by myself. And I will soon be knee-deep in learning stuff about HTML and CSS, with the intention of building a little hang out where you can visit (like a tree house! weeeee!).

This new place will be a blog, yes, but my real intention is to be a source of inspiration for people. Through the content, design and visuals I’m planning, my website will simply be a feel-good place to be.

Before 2011 is out, I’ll be sending my creative project out into the world. And when I do, I’ll likely be retiring from my post here, as the co-author of this blog. But in the meantime, I’ll still be kickin’ around, and happy to share bits and pieces of the process with you, here, where it all started.

For example, see that image up there? That’s the colour palette I’ve chosen for the site.

What do you think?