I’ve got that smushy feelin’

I'm all smushy for this hat.

– Contributed by Wee C

When my dogs were puppies I used to hold them and tell them they were so cute that I could squeeze them until their little heads popped off. Put down that phone…no one call Animal Control. I didn’t. Of course. But you know that feeling when something feels so darned good that your toes wiggle and you feel all smushy inside? I’m pretty smitten with that feeling. It’s one of my favourites. So, I thought I’d share 10 things that are making me feel smushy these days*.

1. My dad finishing his MBA – he’s mid-50s, doesn’t have a previous university degree and one day just decided to do his Masters. By distance. He just got the last of his marks in and he passed with flying colours. Talk about giving your kid some killer inspiration.

2. My mom helping my dad get his MBA – c’mon, say it with me: behind every great man is an even better… But the truth is that sells my mother short. I don’t know a single human being who is as selflessly giving as she is. And when my dad came home with this crazy idea to do his MBA, my mom simply said “let’s do it, I’ll help.” She beats the pants off anyone in the remarkable category.

3. My cool mom friend – awhile back I wrote about a friend of mine who just had a baby. What I didn’t tell you is that she’s about the coolest mom I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t ask if the baby had a “boom boom”, she calls it shit, like it is. She makes no apologizes for not clothing her child from head to toe in organic cotton, nor does she feel the least bit badly for going out and having a good time, sans-babe. She’s brilliantly caring and still the same girl I’ve always loved; she didn’t turn into someone else the minute she conceived. And that makes me smushy (but not in the boom boom kind of way).

4. My fun new hat – it’s the one in the picture and it makes me jump with glee whenever I wear it. Need I say more?

5. Forgiving myself – I’m still figuring the new me out, so some days I’m  unsure of myself, I get awkward, I zig when I really wanted to zag. Good thing part of the new me involves forgiving myself and learning to embrace the fact that the only thing that really matters is here and now. I love giving myself gold stars for this one.

6. Big L’s wedding plans – this girl has thrown convention out the window. From the dress to the location (in a film production office downtown), she and hunny are playing by their own rules in every single way. It’s a treat to watch her be recklessly joyful about every single detail of this event. November can’t come fast enough. I can’t wait to see the magic come to life.

7. Julie’s Jeep – is there anything better than being in a friend’s Jeep with the top off, the sun streaming in and the music blaring? How about two cute gals sitting in the front seat basking in the glory of life. There’s not much to complain about in that scenario.

8. Music – I grew up playing the piano and have always loved music, but during my cranky, life’s the pits phase (can you call a decade a phase?!), I forgot how much I love music. These days, I’m cranking it way up and singing it loud. And I don’t much care who hears me. Heck, my karaoke adventure from last summer happens at random daily intervals these days.

9. Early mornings accomplishments – I get more accomplished between 6am and 9am than I do any other time during the day. I get a run in/take the dogs for a walk, do 30 minutes of pilates (or swim), take a shower and dry my hair, drink my cappuccino and eat breakfast, I read the daily headlines from the Globe, the Chronicle-Herald and often the NY Times, and make my bed. So by the time 9 o’clock comes, I’m feeling mighty good.

10. Bologna sandwiches – yup, that’s right…straight from the foodie’s mouth. Cook the bologna (I microwave mine for speediness), add a hunk of cheddar cheese and slather on the mustard. A few All Dressed chips on the side never hurt anyone, either.

And, of course, my dogs still make me feel smushy just like they always have. Some days I have to restrain myself, but so far, I’ve managed to avoid loving them to death. So, tell me! What’s making you smushy inside or your toes wiggle with glee?

Full disclosure: I did not come up with the idea for this post on my own. Last week my business partners and I did a similar post on what was stirring our souls. It was Big L’s brain child. And I’m stealing it. But it was such a fun post that I wanted to do it all over again. And guess what? I’m not apologizing for it. Don’t worry, she’s used to it.


6 responses to “I’ve got that smushy feelin’

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I need more things in my life that make me “feel smushy”!!

    • I’ve got a few for you! Your precious pups and their new haircuts, a daughter who is wise but never takes life too seriously, an unconventional family that blows everyone else’s minds but just seems to work perfectly for you, a new(ish) zippy little green car sitting in your yard. Those things would make me smushy, indeed!

  2. #10…I love bologna sandwiches! You need to actually fry the bologna, then insert into a butter-fried grilled cheese sandwich with, of course, hard cheese (no slices!). It makes me smushy…just sayin’

    Great post!

    • I agree, fried bologna is FAR superior, but sometimes when you need a desperate bologna fix, the microwave will do the trick. But the grilled cheese sandwich?!?! YOU JUST ROCKED MY WORLD! I can’t wait to get smushy over that some day soon!

  3. Love this..echo the kudos to your parents..and I know the inspiration for the bologna sandwiches…xo

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