Intention, it’s a beautiful thing!

– Contributed by Big L

Coming Soon!

I’m among a select group of beta testers for the next “strategy for joy” product being launched by the one and only Molly over at Stratejoy. It’s called Joy Juice and her teaser about this coming-soon product can be found by clicking here.  (And I strongly encourage you to get excited about this puppy, because it’s going to be delightful and uber affordable!)

In a nutshell, it’s a year’s worth of prompts for finding, reflecting on and celebrating joy in your life. Today, I responded to a prompt that asked me about my intentions. Intentions for my year, week and day. This one was especially timely for me, since I’ve been struggling to get clear on my intentions for the last three or four weeks….when I realized that I was well into 2011 and wasn’t feeling nearly as Gracefully Unique as I had originally hoped.

Rather than journal my response, I decided to get creative. I combined my goals for the year, my recent realizations about what conditions make me feel at my best, and my even more recent decisions about what is most important to me this year. And here they all sit, in one colourful, inspiring reminder:

Click Here to see Laura’s intentions, all of ’em!


4 responses to “Intention, it’s a beautiful thing!

  1. I loved reading your intentions, thank you for sharing them! The format, fonts and colors were great and made the exercise seem fun… so much so that you’ve inspired me to tackle my own intentions!

  2. So colourful! And what great intentions I love the breakdown makes today seem manageable in place of being overwhelmed by a whole year take it day by day 🙂 great message Laura

    • Thanks Natalie 🙂 I agree. The year, week and day approach does make it feel really manageable and puts things into perspective. Each day is really important, but at the same time, when looking back on the year I want to feel good about it, too.

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