Step 1 for Being Gracefully Unique: Feel Creative

– Contributed by Big L

My ideas for blog content have been lacking lately. Between business changes, wedding planning, weekly blogging for Stratejoy, and the dreaded end-of-winter BLAHs, I don’t have any brain juice left.

In typical me fashion, I spent a bit of time yesterday problem solving my way out of this jam. The result is that I have an idea for a seven-part blogging series. Here it goes:

Remember in January, when I wrote about my themes for 2011? I was so excited to tell you that this year, I want to be GRACEFULLY UNIQUE.

Well guess what? We’re almost three months into the year and I’m not feeling especially graceful OR unique. Crap. I even have a seven-page plan, outlining how I can nurture each of my seven values, which in turn, will keep the graceful uniqueness flowing. Except, I haven’t looked at it once since I wrote it. My cup of graceful uniqueness does not runneth over.

For each of the next seven weeks, I’m going to write about one of my values and my ideas for a bunch of little ways I can nurture it more. My hope is that by verbalizing each one, I’ll internalize it more. I also hope that you’ll have some additional ideas I can throw into the mix.

Let’s get started!

#1: Creativity

To feel creative and nurture my inner artist, I should express or participate in creativity every day! Ways to do that include:

  • Draw, colour or paint something
  • Creative writing
  • Read an inspiring book
  • Edit a photo or video clip
  • Make a collage or vision board
  • Work on wedding invitations and decor
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Watch live theatre
  • Write and doodle with markers
  • Dance
  • Visit a craft store
  • Sing
  • Make a scrapbook page
  • Brainstorm about something
  • Attend a concert of some sort
  • Watch a good movie
  • Paint pottery
  • Take a workshop of some sort
  • Go take some photos
  • Make a craft
  • Read fiction
  • Flip through my motivational books or coffee table books

There it is, team. Value #1 is creativity; being creative allows me to feel gracefully unique.

Ideas for how to action the value, keep it top of mind, and embrace it more fully are so, so welcome. Bring it on.

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6 responses to “Step 1 for Being Gracefully Unique: Feel Creative

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Clay Cafe. I have 2 little projects in mind for me, let’s think of something fun you can do for your wedding and then set a date!

    • I was thinking of making a cake topper, so that could work! But that reminds me…I still haven’t picked up the thing I made on my birthday, uh oh! 😦

  2. I love making time for being creative every week – it’s such a great way to decompress and open your mind to new ideas and thoughts. One activity that is super easy is colouring! I know, I know it’s rather juvenile, but who cares?! All you need is crayons or coloured pencils and a fun colouring book and you can go to town. I love to colour when I just need an hour to calm down and do something mindless but also engaging. Just a thought, though! Good luck with your goals

    • LOVE colouring! Actually, when we were going through a stressful time over the holidays with our sick kitty, I spent an afternoon drawing a holiday picture with crayons. SO perfect to release and calm down so yes, I need to turn to this more often! 🙂

  3. Want to do a creative tag team with me? I’m planning on saying yes to being a Cake Boss, as in going to a cake decorating class and working some frosting magic. That’s creative right?! Are you in?

    • I love that idea Kris! Love it! I’m on the hunt for a class…I want one that’s multiple weeks, learning different techniques, not just a one-afternoon deal. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when I find it!

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