Creating themes for 2011

– Contributed by Big L

I’ve never really been big on setting New Year’s resolutions. Goals for the year, sure, but big, habit-forming changes? The relaxation withdrawl, sugar crash, and dark winter days of January don’t generally inspire me to make that kind of commitment. That’s why when I heard about the notion of creating a theme for the year – an overarching guide, commitment, strategy, and point of clarity – I was excited to give it a try. Creating a theme for myself will help me make the most of the year that lies ahead and it’ll remind me to go after whatever it is I want. But I don’t have to do anything too specific right away. That means, if it takes me a while (like, all month) to recover from the post-holiday buzz kill, that’s perfectly acceptable. I can still look for tiny ways to live out my theme in the meantime.

Sounds awesome! Sign me up! In fact, I’m so excited I’m going to create two!

1. A theme for guiding my life, my work and my visions for kicking some serious authenticity ass this year:

This year I will be GRACEFULLY UNIQUE!

That’s juicy, right?! I will be graceful in my uniqueness and I will be uniquely graceful!

The graceful part stems from wanting to feel calm, peaceful, warm, sparkly, and at ease this year. It also comes from a visualization exercise that led me to picture myself transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly. This year, I will spread my wings and soar. I will discover more of my dreams and beliefs, practice self acceptable, cultivate valuable friendships, get more fresh air, value my time and use it more wisely. I will be natural; uninhibited, relaxed, unselfconscious, genuine, open. I will be open to loving, laughing, appreciating, and accepting.

The unique part comes from a strong desire to be myself in every way and embrace the opportunities and joys that come as a result. I want to feel creative, loving, kind, excited, genuine, healthy, and inspired. I will write more, read more, share my insights with more people. I will build community, support a cause I believe in and spend time playing. I will do my best work for the right people and I will make money passionately. I will create things – solutions, words, scrapbooks, ideas, plans, crafts. I will make bold moves, challenge convention, take chances, and experience new things. I will dance, run, explore, and travel.

I will be gracefully unique as I create days full of the things I’m passionate about.

2. A theme for guiding our wedding planning and my visions for creating a truly distinct, playful and energy-filled day:

Every aspect of our wedding will be BURSTING WITH JOY!

Since we don’t yet have a date, or a venue, or well, anything except my crazy, swirling Alice in Wonderland-eque thoughts, I will refrain from describing this theme in detail. Instead, I will leave you with words. Many single words that will tickle your imagination. Enjoy!

fun | comfortable | colourful | youthful | laid back | bright | warm | memorable | celebratory | lollipops | unique | informal | jovial | balloons | games | creative | enthusiastic | love | laughter | enchanted | honesty | pearls | joy | playful | expressive | lanterns | familiar | dancing | gumballs | ribbon | polka dots | artistic | pixie dust | easy | yummy | us |

Oh, I almost forgot! A really big thing already happened this year that will help me fulfill those themes, especially the first one. Out of 50+ amazing and inspiring women who applied, I was chosen to be one of six guest bloggers on Stratejoy! Me! The little Canadian girl who lives in a time zone people barely even know exist! YES!

I’m super duper honoured and totally excited about becoming besties with my five co-bloggers and doing Molly (Stratejoy’s fearless leader) proud. I hope you’ll visit me there; I’ll let you know when I’m live!

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9 responses to “Creating themes for 2011

  1. I’m not a big fan of resolutions either, probably because when I think of the word “resolution,” I think of a goal that I set for myself in the beginning of the year that I will most likely forget about once February comes around. I definitely think the word “theme” is more feasible, and I really like the two themes you’ve come up with!

    PS – My theme is “explore.” 🙂

  2. Totally! Does anyone EVER keep their resolutions?! I wrote my themes down and put them in a place I’ll see them every day. I think I might even take it to the next level and start brainstorming some ways I can live them out, to remind myself when I lose touch with them.

    Explore is a great theme….I LOVE exploring and being inquisitive. There’s a lot of great stuff to discover in the world and within yourself. Have fun!

  3. I love the idea of a theme, Big L and you’ve developed two wonderful and exciting ones. I may have to jump on this theme wagon…this may be one of my 33 Things. I would typically say “no” to a theme because it requires time to think about myself and what I want… I have no time for that; I just need to think about how to get through the day. BUT that’s the Pre-33 Things Krista voice. I WILL create a theme for 2011. There. Commitment. Sha-zam.
    I’m certain you’re getting tired of hearing me say this, but I’m going to say it again anyway: You inspire me. Oh, and you’re a rock star.

  4. You’re so darn cute! You definitely need a theme, you’d be GREAT at living up to and through an inspiring theme. And you just sha-zam-ed, so now you have to. I will look forward to reading about what you come up with.

    Oh, and don’t worry, compliments are always welcome! Tee hee 😉

  5. Good job on the Stratejoy thing! I saw your post the other day and wondered if you would be writing with them! I applied last season but didn’t make it and contemplated this season too but I just have too much going on. Looking forward to having a local gal to follow on there!! 🙂

  6. Thanks Kim! I’m glad there’s another local who’s a Stratejoy fan and will be happy to see me representin’ 🙂

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