The 30 Things Community is LIVE!

Hello! Happy New Year!

This is our first post of 2011 and we’re excited for another year of honest and inspiring blogging.

This year, we won’t be writing about doing 30 Things outside of our comfort zone, as we were last year. Instead, we’ll be writing about keeping the momentum going. That means continuing to say YES! instead of NO! once a month, every month. And it also means sharing the love. Our love for 30 Things, that is.

We want you (yes, YOU!) to tackle the low-stress, big-impact journey of 30 Things. In a nutshell, that means saying yes to something you’d normally say no to, 30 times in a one year period. It’s that simple.

Still not convinced? Watch the video clip at the bottom of the post for another peek into what 30 Things meant to us. (You’ll also get to see our faces, finally!)

But enough about us – it’s your turn!

We’ve created a little website where you can create your own personal web page, keep track of the 30 things you’re accomplishing, add photos, post stories about your experiences, and benefit from the support and encouragement that’s created when other people are experiencing the journey along side you.

It’s a new year and it’s time for new experiences and maybe even an entirely new outlook on your life. Let’s do it!! Visit RIGHT NOW to create your page, commit to doing 30 new things in 2011, and meet others who are doing the same!

We can hardly wait to see you there!

With love & gratitude,
Big L and Wee C


One response to “The 30 Things Community is LIVE!

  1. Great vid ladies!! I’m excited to get started!

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