A Proper Sendoff

– Contributed by Big L

On this, the last day of 2010, I don’t have much time for blogging. Because you see, today will be a very large day. In honour of the year it’s been, the things I’ve discovered and the amazingness that awaits in 2011, I’ve decided to turn every waking moment of today into a celebration. The start? Toast with PB & cinnamon – a comfort favourite of mine – accompanied by coffee with a splash of egg nog – a delectable holiday special – and reflection. I cracked open my lovely new 2011 agenda, entitled A Year of Possibilities: Create a life of purpose and passion (one of my fave Christmas gifts; thanks Dad!), and flipped through it looking for some blank pages. Ah ha! There they are, at the back, a Notes section.

I grounded my day of celebration and fuelled it’s lift off by filling three pages:

#1. In 2010, I accomplished:

a shift from worker to entrepreneur
– lots of personal reflection (I mean, lots!)
– making new friends & reconnecting with old ones
– lightening my load
doing 30 new things!
– learning about business and myself
– business growth (wait till you hear what’s in store, just wait for it!)
– a new outlook on health and what it means to be healthy
– clarity
independence from sugar
– a new belief system: trust (and a new tattoo to go with it!)
a sexy website and insightful blog
– being in love and settling in there
–  a cleaner apartment, thanks to laminate flooring, with new touches of comfort
– greater acceptance of my body
– new perspective – then vs. now; shackles vs. soul stirring, radical self care
– special memories – anniversary weekend at Oak Island, NYC trip, Bust a Move, and tree climbing & zipping

#2. In 2011, I will accomplish:

one new experience each month (30 Things maintenance)
– reading one insightful book each month
– running two half marathons
– playing outside
– further embracing the soul stirring vs. shackles approach to decision making
– continued, consistent self care
– planning our wedding (holy shit!)
– questioning everything in an ongoing pursuit of discovery & authenticity
– attend a great concert
– scrapbooks for 2010 NYC trip & 2009 California trip
– watching the sun rise
– minimizing intake of dairy, white flour and sugar
– motivational public speaking – developing & sharing my story with others
– living my values and ideal business model
– not buying new clothes, unless they’re for running or yoga

#3. Reading list

– Rework
– Creative Non-Fiction: Turning Thoughts into Books
– The Art of Non-Conformity
– The Happiness Project
– The Likability Factor
– Smart Women Finish Rich
– Radical Acceptance: : Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha
– The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
– Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
– A Woman’s Guide to Working for Herself
– Getting Things Done
– Callings: Finding & Following an Authentic Life

Wow, how refreshing that little exercise was! What is else is on tap for today, an entire day of celebration? Well….exercising, dancing, playing dress up, spending time with friends, champagne, sparklers, ringing in the new year with one of my favourite bands, and the last two things on my 30 Things list. Want to know more? You’ll have to wait….I have to get back to celebrating. Besides, that’s what you should be doing, too!

Thank you to all of you – friends, family and anonymous readers who’ve listened to, watched and supported my very huge year. I can hardly wait to entertain, inspire and humour you in 2011.

Cheers! And Happy New Year!

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2 responses to “A Proper Sendoff

  1. I’m beaming with happiness for you! What a year, my little Big L. I am so proud / happy / thrilled / excited for you. I can’t wait to hear what the last two things are and I look forward to all of the awesomeness in store for you in 2011.


  2. I LOVE reading your blog posts! So excited for 2011! Do it up chica!


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