With much love, Me.

– Contributed by Wee C

The Reverb 10 prompt from December 21 struck a cord with me: write a letter to your future self – you, five years from now. What advice would you give yourself in the next year to get yourself there?

Dear Wee C – you’ve always been quick to point out that much can change if you just give yourself the time you need. And boy, were you right. Five years ago, you were sitting on your sofa over the Christmas holidays feeling a little (Ok, a lot) lost, wondering what the next year would bring. You were filled with uncertainty about all areas of your life. You were feeling exposed and vulnerable, but at the same time, confident that something remarkable was on the horizon. And in the midst of all these feelings, you just kept telling yourself to be patient, to hold on, to live with expectancy, and above all, to have faith, ’cause life was about to get really interesting. You didn’t know how true that was.

Your 2010 was about reclaiming yourself. Actually, it was about getting reacquainted, learning what brought you joy and sorrow, what you were willing to give on and what you would absolutely hold your ground on. It was about learning to walk down uncertain, often dark and scary paths, in order to find the clearing on the other side. In fact, the early part of 2011 will be much the same. You should be prepared for this. But be joyful in this journey. Embrace all the tears, fears and victories, as each one has something truly remarkable to teach you. Pay attention. Write your feelings and observations down. Listen to your heart, and most importantly, your soul. Don’t waffle. Be true to the foundation you’ve built in the past year, it will serve you well in the years ahead.

You may have felt that 2010 was your most significant year to date, but I can guarantee you that 2011 will be defining. It will mark a turning point in your life. Oh, I know how you hate change, how it can make you feel as though you have lost control and everything you know is being challenged. But you must give yourself over to change. You must decide every single day, every single moment to be awake and aware, fully conscious that an evolution is occurring and that not a moment will go by that is not part of the grand plan to get you to the next destination.

Knowing you, you want to know what that destination is. What will it look like? Who will be there? Will I like it? Will I be happy? I can’t answer those questions for you. But what I can tell you is that your life, five years from now, will be more remarkable than your wildest dreams can imagine. Over the next five years, you will learn to embrace your potential. You will stop fearing your greatness and you will become it. You will stop apologizing for your very existence and you will fall in love with yourself – truly in love. You will be surrounded by friends, family and relationships that are steeped in love and joyful interactions. Joyful, Wee C, joyful. Your professional reach will be far beyond your city or your country. You will impact people around the globe. You will be constantly innovating and creating, bringing others solutions that improve their lives and yield the clarity they have been seeking.

But, more than anything, you will be peaceful. All the turmoil and angst you have allowed yourself to feel – for as long as you can remember – will be replaced by a calm bliss. You will embrace the time you spent feeling anxious, stressed and overstretched, as it will have taught you how to find peace. You will acknowledge that life is simply a series of days, strung together by your attitude and outlook on life, with each leg of the journey contributing a different coloured thread.

Wee C, I cannot stress to you enough how amazed you will be in five years time. Each year between now and then will bring you to new and greater heights. You simply need to allow it to happen. Stop meddling, controlling, and fussing and start by embracing the wonder of every single thing life has to offer. Start by hugging your husband and being grateful for his love. Start by cleaning a closet and feeling the triumph that comes from clearing out the crap and clutter. Start by curling up with a cup of tea and a smile, nothing more. Simply, start.

I can’t wait for you to catch up and join me here in the future, for you to look back on this time in your life and recognize just how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished. Buckle up, babes, this ride is about to get interesting.

With much love (more than you can possibly understand today),

Your 35-year-old self, xo

Thanks to Jenny Blake for a prompt that yielded a particularly introspective, and fulfilling post. With much appreciation.


7 responses to “With much love, Me.

  1. Wee C,
    This post brought me to tears. You are already making an impact – your reach already wider than you can imagine.

    Cheering you on, always!

  2. Wee C.
    If I have learned anything in my 54 years it is, ultimately, we have very little control over how our lives unfold. We struggle and fuss to figure it all out; then when we think we have all the answers, something happens to throw us completely off balance…illness, career change, etc. I think your comment:
    “Life is simply a series of days, strung together by your attitude and outlook on life, with each leg of the journey contributing a different coloured thread.”
    is brilliant…fridge-magnet worthy…
    I have no doubt that whatever the years may bring, you will always be kind, loving and generous…in the end, nothing else really matters.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. We DO fuss trying to figure it all out and I would wager to guess that not a single human being in the history of the world has ever actually had any true success with this challenge. Amazing. As intelligent, thoughtful and advanced as we are and yet we still try to control life as if it’s something we can actually achieve. The notion of control is purely a human fallacy that we continue to embrace and perpetuate despite what experience and logic tells us. And therein lies the true human condition.

  4. Wee C – loved the post. I can’t wait to hang out with the 35 year old you, although the 30 year old is pretty awesome right now and has always been an important pillar in my life. You are part of who I am, and who I will be 5 years from now!

    Mama O – You’re right. Wee C has always been kind, loving and generous. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. For 2011, I’ll try to emulate that kind, loving and generous character.

  5. Oh, Chantal. You are always far too kind. Your response made me cry (shocking, I know πŸ˜‰ and your words mean so much to me…just like you. I am who I am because of wonderful people like you in my life, who have taught me, guided me and encouraged me all along the way. You’re a steady rock in my life, unchanging and always predictably loving and supportive. I’m so thankful for you. xo

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