Reverb 10: Day 4

– Contributed by Wee C

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Day 4 of the challenge and day two of writing for me, and we’re moving onto the topic of “wonder”, specifically: how did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

What I love most about this question is the word cultivate. You see, I’m full of wonder (and correspondingly, bullshit) at any given moment of any given day. I wonder what would happen if I decided to join the circus (I’d ride the elephants…and wear a cute little hat with a red feather). I wonder what would happen if Michael Buble came to sweep me off my feet (it’s OK, MB is my one freebie with hubby). I wonder what it would be like to be fabulous and famous (I’d have a trainer, for sure). Truthfully, I wonder all day, every day.

But what this question is asking, in my opinion, is much less about the undisciplined practice of mind wandering (something I believe we all do to the point of self-indulgence) and more about a focused, deliberate approach to dreaming, imagining and ideating. It’s about giving curiosity a home to grow and flourish; watering and fertilizing, nurturing and caring.

So, what did I do to cultivate a sense of wonder in my life this year. Simply, I gave myself space and time. I allowed myself to breath, to let the sunshine in, to actually lay roots. Yes, I’ve always been grounded. Grounded like a boulder that could only be moved by a big, monster, crane. But with my hurried approach to life, my desperate drive to get to the next destination, I’ve never been rooted. See, you need roots to be stable, otherwise you eventually topple over. And you know what happens to toppled over trees? They rot. I wasn’t so interested in that being the outcome of my life. Funny, that.

A true sense of wonder (not the monkey brain I’ve become so skilled at) only comes by providing a clearing in your mind and seeing what takes hold. The result: my most profound and life changing year yet.


7 responses to “Reverb 10: Day 4

  1. Here’s to a profoundly changed you in this dynamic year to come. Filled with wonder, awe – glad to have found you today through reverb10…

    • The brilliant thing about laying roots in 2010, is the subsequent (stable) growth that will inevitably happen in 2011!

      And thanks for visiting us at Comfortably Uncomfortable! I’m heading to your corner of the Internet momentarily πŸ™‚

  2. Not sure why, but I read this post from the bottom up. I liked it that way, just as much as I liked it top down. I wonder about those fantabulous things in the first paragraph too!

    • Haha πŸ™‚ I just did the same thing. It does indeed work both ways! Is that the sign of great writing or terrible structure? Thanks for visiting!!

  3. you excel at monkey brain, too???? beautiful post. thought provoking.

  4. Monkey brain. Why, that sounds like a meditation term, Wee C πŸ™‚ Great post! Reverb 10 is a great challenge. I am loving each and every entry.

    • If only I was doing a bit more meditating these days! Thanks for dropping by Miss Krista…we’re always glad to have you πŸ™‚ xo

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