Reverb 10: Day 3

– Contributed by Wee C

The Reverb 10 challenge for today: Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

If only the asker of this question knew what a year I’ve just put behind me, they would know just how difficult it is for me to narrow down my response to this question. From tequila shooters to meditation to strip clubs, the past year has been filled with moments of aliveness. But, at the heart of all my 30 Things, has been one consistent item: this blog.

Creating a blog was something Big L and I had long talked about. No, like really, we talked this to death and then beat it with a hammer. All because we were worried what others in our lives would find acceptable. You see, we were bloggers in the womb those days. We were growing and nurturing the idea, but the thought of coming out and existing in the real world? Just like any infant we wanted to cry, scream and crap our pants. But when Big L took the plunge and started the blog (as a surprise, I might add), the feeling of liberation was overwhelming to me.

It took me a couple of days to write my first post, but as I started, I could feel the jubilation growing inside of me; the lump of overwhelming excitement forming in my throat. It was a weekend and the early sun of spring was taunting me to emerge from the house. Hubby was outside busying himself about. Somehow, I was much happier to be in my house with the familiarity of the computer keys tap tapping under my fingers. Truthfully, I was glad to have him outside…my writing could remain a secret that way. I wasn’t ready to share just yet.

After reading and re-reading, proofing and analyzing my content, I decided it was time to press “publish”. Ready, aim…squeal! I jumped up, danced around erratically, and fell back on the sofa. I had written a post that was revealing, honest and damn exposing.

Blogging was the beginning of a completely new me. And with every new post comes a renewed sense of fulfillment. Every time I post I feel alive and fulfilled. And, I still squeal, if only silently every time I hit the publish button. 3…2…1…


4 responses to “Reverb 10: Day 3

    • I so wish I could share what I really sound like when I’m about to post something. There’s good entertainment value in that alone 🙂

      Thanks for checking us out!

  1. and now you’re participating in #reverb10 which will take your interest in blogging to new heights! i like it.

    • Truthfully, I’ve been struggling with content for the blog recently; specifically relevant content. The questions posed through Reverb 10 have been incredible stimulation and have helped reframe my thinking about blog topics. Loving it so far!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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