It must be Armageddon ’cause this is risky business.

– Contributed by Wee C

OK, it must be Armageddon for me to do this. But, it’s a lazy Saturday and I’m apparently feeling uncharacteristically free-spirited, so here goes.

I’ve got 37 days and 10 things left to do to go into 30 with a bang. And I’m taking suggestions. YOUR suggestions. For what those 10 things could be. Because, frankly, what I’ve got left on my list of ideas are feeling a little lackluster. And because this whole plot was about getting me out of my comfort zone and doing things I wouldn’t normally do. And, for the record, asking for suggestions most certainly gets me out of my comfort zone because I’m going to need to do at least a couple of them in order to not be a complete idiot for asking in the first place. Hey, I was the girl who always, always, always chose “truth” when we played “truth or dare”.

A reasonable facsimile of me in my youth.

This is me making up for all those years.

So, come one, come all and let’s see what you’ve got. Insert a ginormous intake of air here.


7 responses to “It must be Armageddon ’cause this is risky business.

  1. Ok, So I am going to be nice and not suggest skydiving or getting a tattoo….

    What about some easy, and potentially rewarding, concepts: volunteering somewhere out of your comfort zone, go-karting, bull riding (mechanical of course!), going used clothing shopping, taking a circus class (tight rope, high wire and juggling, oh my!), paint your own pottery to be put on display (Father’s Day perhaps), or even just going to water aerobics……

    • I just emailed Wee C a whole list of possibilities…here are a some on the list, in case it sparks other ideas from someone else:
      – Smoke a cigar
      – Paint a picture
      – Make Kraft Dinner & hot dogs for supper
      – Go 24 hours without saying sorry – literally or figuratively
      – Go three days without driving
      – Start a piggy bank
      – Go to a fortune teller

  2. OK, girls. If you can believe it, I’ve done a lot of things on these lists. BUT, there are a couple brilliant options here. Going to a fortune teller is one of the scariest things you could ask me to do. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. So, let’s do it up.

    Jewels, the mechanical bull thing, let’s make it happen. I’ve ridden one before, but not in front of a group of people I don’t know in an environment I feel totally socially awkward in. So, while I didn’t think it would count before, I think that the circumstances surrounding the bull riding makes it count…in a big way, in fact. I’m in.

  3. Oh, and the going 24 hours without apologizing challenge. I’ll take that, too. This one will be damn near impossible for me!

    And I’m adding one to my list, also. Going 30 days without cheese or bread. I know, it sounds lame, but anyone who knows me knows that those are my comfort foods, the ones I eat when I need to sook in a corner and do something other than suck my thumb. This is a challenge I LOATHE, but that’s all the more reason to do it. I’m starting tomorrow.

  4. You had mentioned sailing lessons…I’m taking some, unfortunately they start 2 days after your birthday, but maybe paying for then in advance might count? Let me know if you’re interested. My other suggestions:
    – Help a good friend shovel horse shit for hours. Nothing builds character like shoveling someone else’s poo, especially if that someone else weighs 1000lbs and makes a lot of poo (obviously I am shamelessly trying to get to help with barn chores….hehe).
    – Walk down Spring Garden Road wearing something completely ridiculous, like Rainbow Bright tights. At noon. On a Friday (and it has to be a sunny day).
    – Cruise the fruit loop at home and then park in the Tim Horton’s parking lot for a full 5 minutes.
    – Don’t proof read 3 emails.
    – Eat beef jerky (ok – that’s not real, no one actually does that).
    – Sit in the Public Gardens, by the duck pond and chat to the ducks. For an hour. At noon. On a Friday (and it has to be sunny day).
    – Eat street meat at 2:00am from the Dawg Father.
    – Be a glutten for 1 day. Don’t do anything other than eat fatty food, drink juice with too much sugar and watch useless TV shows on Slice.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve shoveled my share of horse poop at some point in time or another 😉 But the sitting in the public gardens one is a good option. All those pigeons!!! I might need a friend to be there with me to talk me of the ledge, though..

  5. hey….

    since part of your 30 is to do physical activity check out this website:

    Jen uses it a ton and loves it….it is crazy hard. I linked to one of the hardest…good luck.

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